The Color Red - Axel - Kingdom Hearts 358\2 Days

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Bet you don't know why the sun sets red? You see, light is made up of a lot of colors, but out of all those colors red is the one that travels the farthest.

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weesin 1 année avant
@bvw, I believe you may be incorrect as well (though I would have to do some research to be sure) - but I recall learning in school that all colors travel at the same speed in a VACUUM (re empty space). Different wavelengths/colours travel at different speeds when not in a vacuum
gtrreaper43 1 année avant
Dude it's just a quote from a video game chill
bvw 1 année avant
Wow, that's nonsense. Every color travels as far as the others. Go look up the science, yourself, seeker. Red visible light scatters least in air, so the circle of the sun appears more red when the most atmosphere is between us and the sun, when the most atmosphere is between us and the sun -- when the sun is at the horizon. The sky is bright light blue at noon, because so much blue light scatters from it, at sunset the sky darkens, still a highly scattered blue, but there's much less light getting through. The red then predominates because it scatters the least.

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