Euphoria - BTS (KPOP)

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You are the sunlight that rose again in my life. A reincarnation of my childhood dreams, I don't know what this emotion is, if this place is also inside a dream. This dream is a blue mirage in the desert, a priori deep inside of me. I'm so happy, I can't breathe, my surroundings are getting more and more transparent. I hear the far-away ocean across the dream, over the horizon I'm going to the place that's getting clearer. Take my hands now, you are the cause of my euphoria.

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weesin 1 année, 1 mois avant
Yet another reason why song lyrics should not be used as quotes
18290839 1 année, 1 mois avant
The reason there are punctuation issues is because these are lyrics for a song (Euphoria by Jungkook) and are supposed to be in stanzas.
weesin 1 année, 7 mois avant
MAJOR punctuation issues here

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