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I'm saddened by how few artists write their own music nowadays. If I wrote a beautiful song and had it sung by someone famous, I would disappear into nothing more than a footnote as they rose to stardom. This is why I make my own music: I can write, produce, sing, and perform my own art, and I know in my heart that it is genuine. When I die someday, it'll make me happy to know that my art will be floating out there somewhere, and I'll have been more than just a commissioned singer.

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weesin 7 mois avant
Thanks for sharing. I'm a die hard bluegrass, jazz and folk fan so I can't say that I'm familiar with the sort of music you're making. But good luck with it!
endvisible 7 mois avant
@weesin I make Experimental Electronic Dance Music (or just Experimental EDM for short). It's basically anything goes, as far as one can consider music.
weesin 7 mois, 1 semaine avant
Great quote. What genre of music do you make?

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