asters and goldenrod - Robin Wall Kimmerer

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There was a time when I teetered precariously with an awkward foot in each of the two worlds - the scientific and the indigenous. But then I learned to fly, or at least try. It was the bees that showed me how to move between different flowers - to drink the nectar and gather pollen from both. It is this dance of cross-pollination that can produce a new species of knowledge, a new way of being in the world. After all, there aren't two worlds, there is just this one good green Earth.

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k4r1n1t3_ch3m15t 1 année, 6 mois avant
was the 'disingenous' instead of 'disingenuous' intentional?
slowtyper237 1 année, 8 mois avant
i deeply regret my choices
slowtyper237 1 année, 8 mois avant
bee positive

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