Let's Stop Pretending Kim Kardashian is a Feminist - Dani Fleischer

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But mostly, the perspective we should be concerned about is that of all those young girls who are following Kardashian on social media - and taking notes about where to find their worth. That's why this matters. They are looking at her, and they are looking at how she is exulted by so many people, and they are developing their senses of personhood accordingly.

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kumagai 4 mois, 2 semaines avant
If it wasn't the Kardashians and their humungous butts, it would be someone else with some other exaggerated, impossible to obtain features setting the standards of beauty that everyone would try and fail to live up to. It's not the fact the Kardashians exist that's the problem, it's that we naturally place those who we feel are better than us on a pedestal we can never reach, then define our self worth by how close we can get to them.

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