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I kinda feel that the world is nonsense and so does my life. We all keep a lie lying in our mind that what we did or do has a meaning, but that's not true. The truth is something can be proved, but your feeling can not. We're waiting for more pain while we are pretending to live.

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bvw 11 mois, 1 semaine avant
Feelings are more a Truth than that to which the writer's quote claims. Reality is not real until there is a sense of a feeling to observe it. This is simple enough, really, and modern observational science and proof obtained by repeated results observed faithfully does not dethrone it. Nor am I speaking to Schroedinger's mental experiment of a closed box, a decay radioactive isotope and a poison that kills surely. That itself is a feeling. Feelings have more truth than observations, but then that does not make them good or bad, or on another axis: holy or unholy. Truth is found by the seeker, and seeking is a motive: a emotion.

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