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Don't type until you can get it all right. Type until you can't get it wrong under any circumstance. Remember that as long as you look at the keyboard while typing, your speed will always be limited and you will never achieve speeds which other touch typists out here are capable to attain.

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kyledes 3 mois, 1 semaine avant
My problem with this quote is that there is a huge gap between the talking point in the first two (short) sentences and the talking point in the last (long) sentence. The former point is sophisticated, philosophical and what I call the "Ph.D. Level" but the latter point is "kindergarten level". Personally, I learned the positions of the keys (well, only the 26 letter keys to be honest) even before I had access to a computer. I drew the keys on a piece of cardboard and learned to touch-type there. I mean that is the very first, basic lesson. But after years, even decades, I am still far from "get it all right," let alone "can't get it wrong". Therefore, there is a huge gap. Nevermind... I just want to tell my life story... I want to become famous, one of those "successful" people one day, oh yes, a celebrity! And everyone would read, admire and learn from my autobiography...
venerated 3 mois, 1 semaine avant
i think its pretty obvious you're spewing bullshit by the sheer virtue of all of the high scores on this quote having accuracies in the 97% ballpark. don't listen to this guy, just type. (but don't look at the keyboard, he got that one right)
sypnatik 5 mois, 3 semaines avant
its so hard not to though

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