The Death and Life of Zubulon Finch Vol 2: Empire Decayed - Daniel Kraus

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"If you're a martyr, then we all are. Peanut. The Prof. Mouse. Piano. Heck, I expect some of them Huns too. The word don't mean much. You can't make light of death. Not when so many good men we knew didn't come back to live the lives we lived." "But it hurts. It hurts so bad to keep going." Church cupped my cheek and lifted my face. "That's what real sacrifice is. To keep going no matter how deep the fear gets into your heart."

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flexximilian 2 mois, 2 semaines avant
I fixed some missing quotes, the original author appears to have cut and pasted without much diligence. I dislike the quote though. It's apparently a dialog, one quotation follows another, which is fine in a book where it's laid out accordingly, but in a typing test, such constructs feel unnatural. We want to test our typing skill, and not whether our brains stumble when reading two quotation marks in a row...

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