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Now that some time has passed since Yahoo Answers was shut down, it is confirmed. The world is now full of people who do not know how a baby is formed and have no way of finding out.

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chieftyper 1 mois, 1 semaine avant
You guys are hilarious, it is OBVIOUS knowledge that when a man and a woman love each other very much, they both undress, get in bed, and put their hands together in prayer for Santa Clause to drop a newborn child down their chimney. DUH!!!!!
neveronground 1 année, 1 mois avant
It's "babby," not "a baby."
zalyx 1 année, 6 mois avant
was i babby?
smokemifugottem 1 année, 6 mois avant
I am a woman who just gave birth. Babby looks nothing like my husband, HOW DO I KNOW IF IT'S MINE?!?!?!??

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