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Does anyone else have a strange addiction to typing? After finishing a quote, I think to myself "maybe just one more," and end up typing for another half hour. I'm not even trying to get better. The experience itself is just satisfying.

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gbennet 1 semaine avant
I feel seen, and heard.
babyturtle 3 semaines, 6 jours avant
guilty as charged
tristantrim 2 mois avant
Yeah, I'm like, "I should be working on my linear algebra assignment... but I'll just type a quote or two first" and then I waste time I didn't have to waste...
I do like typing quotes though. It's such a nice experience tripping through random snippets of different parts of mindspace.
tempanite 9 mois, 3 semaines avant
Yes, but I wouldn't call that an "addiction".

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