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I often see people give up on their hobbies too quickly because they think they're wasting their time, or not good enough, and that's horrible. Because you get to witness firsthand the death of something that could've been a big part of someone's life. For me, you just have to keep trying, if you really like something, then you have to keep trying. Because trying is the first step to being good at something.

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localbisexual 3 mois, 3 semaines avant
shoutout to the guy below me who's number 2 on the leaderboard now lmao... but i was going to say that if i'm not already good at something when i initially try it, i lose interest very quickly because i'm not having fun if i'm not good... but maybe that's just the ADHD
johnymaccarroni 4 mois, 4 semaines avant
Always felt like trying to reach a high WPM was a waste of time.

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