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Let's not make the mistakes our parents made: we won't fit into a mindless routine, we'll enjoy our lives. We won't care what anyone says. We'll take the one we love and run away. Where? It doesn't matter. Just somewhere in Neverland.

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vmlm 6 années avant
Then you'll have kids, and find out you need a job. You'll realize paying for education and the other things you'd like to give the person you love, like presents, trips around the world, your OWN education, hobbies... all cost more money than you're making, and you'll focus on making MORE money. You'll work tirelessly, knowning that it's worth it to see your family happy... And your children, while happy and free, will secret the smug little thought that they will be better than you because they won't make all the mistakes you made. They'll live for themselves and not for others... And they will think they keep this well hidden from you, but you'll know. And you'll smile a sad little smile, shake your head and keep working, understanding how they feel and hoping it'll be true.

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