Adrian Beltran

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Some people say that religion and cruelty go hand in hand, and even though this is true one must be reminded why this is true. Humanity and cruelty, violence, and unspeakable evil go hand in hand. It is because humans practice religion that religion and cruelty go hand in hand.

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maartenfb 8 années, 10 mois avant
Fact is that religion doesn't prevent cruelness. On the contrary, it makes it even worse, because religion is inherent to narrow mindness and intolerance, setting itself apart as the one and only truth.
vmlm 10 années, 1 mois avant
Every time I read one of these quotes that talk about the evil and cruelness of religion, I'm reminded of a teenager talking about how his/her parents are the cause of all their misgivings.
You've forgotten all the good, and chosen to focus on all the bad. Worse yet, you're made religion into your boogie man, blamed them for every bady thing, and that blinds you to the shortcomings of everything else. It's stupid. Stupid to hate something you barely know, stupid to magnify it the way it's been magnified. Stupid to keep talking about it, to dedicate so much time and energy to reviling it.
estelle 10 années, 3 mois avant
I think so too: Likewise. :) I hope yu had a wonderful day Buenas Noches Adrian Beltran is this like from "hitman"??? crazy lol! WAHAS*#&^$*???
estelle 10 années, 3 mois avant
I believe you are telling the truth. Hey you are not a pessimist are you? I love how you wrote this; it is very enchanting and I wish you well in your future writing efforts. I am a writer as well ~~~~~Estelle~~D~Sabin 8)

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