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True love is amazing. It is one of the most desired things on Earth, but it requires two people to be created. It needs two halves so to speak. Where some people find their one true love, many don't and settle for second best. The first type of person is happy and content as long as they know they have their partner. The second however, may be full of regret and wishing they had gone for someone else. Which type are you?

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teilo 9 années, 2 mois avant
I am neither. I am someone who thinks the whole idea of a soul mate is a destructive idea that has ruined countless relationships, and doomed countless individuals to misery.

Learn to love the one you are with, to bear with their faults as much as is possible. Devote yourself to them, rather than to a vapid and impossible dream of the "perfect mate". That is the way to true happiness.
malevolarky 9 années, 7 mois avant
You always marry the wrong person. On the other hand, you also always marry the right person.

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