Sound Military Decision - U.S. Naval War College

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Whether the use of armed force to impose or to resist the imposition of policy constitutes a legal state of war is a political question which does not affect the tasks the armed forces may be called on to perform. War, therefore, is to be understood herein as any condition in which one State employs physical violence against another, or against an organized part of itself which may be in rebellion.

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bvw 5 années, 8 mois avant
T'was too limited then, and more patently so at nonce. The key is "destruction" and "harm", as well as acts that cause clear dangerous risk of harms and destruction: breaking structures, wounding and harming beings and structures, blocking of vital pathways and exits. These can be physical, they can be in the information space, they can be in the commerce space, they can be moral. Yes, potential acts of war go far beyond physical violence. ANd they do always include MORAL judgements to be made. If this is from "The Naval War College", whose college? Whose Navy? This is a toy doctrine. A childlike view of very serious matters.

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