Alexander the Third of Macedon - Adrian Beltran

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I think it is wrong to call Alexander the Third of Macedon great. The fact that he is remembered as Alexander the Great is unnerving. He was great if your idea of greatness comprises of being a drunken megalomaniac responsible for the holocaust of countless people in an effort to aggregate as much land as possible for the sole purpose of calling it his own. I think it's important that he is not remembered as great in the same way it is important that Adolph Hitler is never remembered as great.

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anhiro 3 années, 6 mois avant
I don't know about Alexander the Great, but I *do** know that when I think of vegetarianism, animal rights, referendums, labor laws, etc. I can only think of mostly one person who made it happen before it all became mainstream. But you never hear about those positive points, am I right? Because, as always...

The winner gets to write history.
user601673 3 années, 7 mois avant
Reportaccount -
1) free speech,
2) free speech,
3) free speech.
reportaccount 3 années, 7 mois avant
I will report this quote:

1) Holocaust and genocide can not be treated with derisory comments, I can hardly find a more sensitive matter that should be addressed with more attention.

2) Leaders considered monsters for the effect of their deeds on civilizations for which they had little regard cannot be equated with leaders that have been an inspiration for millennia for the civilization they defined . Macedon wars were the least bloody, and removed the government and hierarchical structure of civilization who had invaded his country several times already.

3) Which historical sources present Macedon as "a drunken megalomaniac", as far as I know little is known of life 350BC and Macedonians did not worship Dyonisis
typefacial 4 années, 4 mois avant
Alexander is a part of early western culture, which having since been cemented through the Iliad had been especially war-like. It was thus his military accomplishments that they are referring to, he isn't considered a moral model like Christ.
Alexander fought the much larger Persian and a portion of the large Indian armies. He was against the odds each time but he used truly daring all-or-nothing strategies were he was vulnerable multiple times. He lost a lung from this but he persisted, even overcoming guerrilla warfare which Britain and the USA failed at in parts of history.
On his genocide, it is an event his chief historian, Callisthenes, considered wrong & shameful, censoring the event in some versions . While deep in Persia they came across the descendants of the Greeks who fought for Persia in those famous Greco-Persian Wars. He judged them all for that old treason.

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