Adrian Beltran

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This world owes you nothing. None of its plants are yours. None of its animals are yours. None of its land is yours. It was here before you and frankly it would be better off without you.

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unimpressed 5 années, 8 mois avant
Hey, what the fuck? Where is this quote even sourced from? "Don’t believe the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first." is a quote commonly attributed to Mark Twain but which does not formally appear in "Mark Twain at Your Fingertips". This article ( suggests attribution to J. Burdette-- with zero mention of this Adrian Beltran. While this could be simply edited, removal is suggested. There's zero reason for this "quote" to be circulated in the form it is in.
user363713 6 années, 5 mois avant
It's means it is. Its indicates possession.
kasra 8 années, 8 mois avant
real degen

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