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andrewhope 1 mes, 4 semanas atrás
The worst thing I've found with this site is it's based on American spelling, absolute pain when you're being told something is spelled wrong. I'm English I don't spell words 'ise' words 'ize'

Damn site
andrewhope 3 meses atrás
Practice makes perfect, the more often you type the faster you get. Also having a good keyboard technique works.

I can't type in traditional query fashion. It hurts my wrists. Normally I'm "hovering" over the keys hence my accuracy is always around 90%. I've recently found a new style for me.

I've recently developed a sort of "dancing" style with my hands, the they're moving around on the keyboard, depending on what I'm typing. Sometimes my right hand does the full stop, sometimes my left-hand does it.
andrewhope 3 meses, 3 semanas atrás
A good bit of music helps to pass the time. I didn't always touch type. I learned with a program called Mavis Beacon. What really got me ahead was memorising the layout of the keyboard, over time I developed a typing speed from around 30 wpm to 90 wpm. I can type faster, but I can constantly type over 80 wpm with around 95% accuracy which makes me happy enough
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