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Julianne Garcia
I like this quote. Haters gonna hate.

TJ Quotes
There were some capitalization and punctuation errors in your quote. I have submitted an edit. ...

oh god same ;-;

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Always give :) for Uncle Iroh

haha I can hear the melody and singing when I type this out. Ah, memories ...



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Whatever my user name is - Lefthanded
I keep seeing a quote on here about being left handed. To that individual, speak for yourself. I do literally everything lefthanded with the exception of three things; cutting my meat, throwing things such as balls and rocks, and drink. That's all I do righthanded. What this other speaker is speaking about is ambidextrous. Which is okay, don't get me wrong. He's probably just not aware of the fact that he is ambidextrous. That's all.

Pineapple on pizza is actually delicious. So is shredded cheddar cheese on vanilla ice cream. Peanut butter and pickles combine beautifully. Some people hate what they do not understand, but do not let them prevent you from experiencing the deliciousness of these combinations.

[Pendiente] James "Maynard" Keenan - It's just a ride
Behind all the dark humor, Bill was talking about the same things I'd read in Joseph Campbell. If you look at things, really look, if you lift the veil, you start to recognize that light is love, is infinite, is unconditional. Bill was saying that once you understand the nature of nature, you can let go of difficulties and sign on for the ride-knowing that it's just a ride.

Donald Weiner
Gay marriage does not make sense. Marriage is an antiquated tradition that essentially consists of a man acquiring a woman as property. With two men and two women, which is the purchaser and which is being purchased? Which is the master and which is the slave? Which asks the other's father for permission to take his child as personal property?

Jan Benson
What is life? Is life a game? Yes. Life is game, and the hunter is approaching. Whether the hunter will become the hunted remains to be seen. Will the sun awaken from its sleep?

Nancy Regan
Heterosexuals are such hypocrites. If you are not attracted to your own gender, why do you expect people of the opposite gender to be attracted to you?

keyhero user - keyboard care
Over time, the keycaps on your keyboard will accumulate oils and grime from your hours of existential crisis-inducing typing on this website. Naturally, you will want to clean the keycaps. But you should never be like me and use Lysol or Clorox wipes for this purpose! They leave a sticky and smooth residue that ruins the grippy texture of PBT or new ABS keycaps.

Unknown - Beside me brother
Stand beside me brother. Brothers in arms we'll be. We will fight till we can fight no more. We must come home carrying our shields or on our shields. Give me liberty or give me death. I will not surrender this freedom I have or anything. I will fight for you and for all of us.

Jordan Peterson - Stand Up Straight
To stand up straight with your shoulders back is to accept the terrible responsibility of life, with eyes wide open. It means deciding to voluntarily transform the chaos of potential into the realities of habitable order. It means adopting the burden of self-conscious vulnerability, and accepting the end of the unconscious paradise of childhood, where finitude and mortality are only dimly comprehended.

Julia Fine - The Upstairs House
If it didn't hurt so much, I thought it might even be funny, Margaret's timing. Michael's timing. My own. The second I'd realized that I loved Clara - the night that Ben came home from his first business trip - Michael had swept in to claim her. Michael had held on ever since. The joke was that as soon as I recognized love, as soon as I named it, its object was no longer mine.

Susanna Kaysen - Girl, Interrupted
If I who was previously revolting am now this far from my crazy self, how much further are you who were never revolting, and how much deeper your revulsion?

Alice Feeney - Sometimes I Lie
I've always delighted in the free fall between sleep and wakefulness. Those precious few semiconscious seconds before you open your eyes, when you catch yourself believing that your dreams might just be your reality. A moment of intense pleasure or pain, before your senses reboot and inform you who and where and what you are. For now, for just a second longer, I'm enjoying the self-medicated delusion that permits me to imagine that I could be anyone, I could be anywhere, I could be loved.

Gamestop - The Change
The way he leaps off of rooftops and flips backwards before falling into a head first dive is just FULL of the exaggerated swagger of a black teen it gives me goose bumps everytime he does it.

Joe Donald - The Truth
Grubhub perks give you deals on the food you love! the kind of deals that make you boogy! Dance dance dance dance dance dance dance suffix prefix the earth is yellow Grubhub the grub you love!

[Pendiente] YehZorPieu - Annoying Ctrl+W no more
While typing on a desktop keyboard, always remove left control key cap when you want to type a little faster to prevent unintentional tab shutdown ctrl+w. It makes you feel great knowing this silly painstaking accident would not happen that much anymore. And of course if you will, remember to put that cap back in place.

Yui Yuigahama - Oregairu
Actually, I realized it a long time ago. I knew I wanted to go there. I wanted nothing more than that. That's why, honestly... I never wanted anything genuine.

Rider - A Conqueror
Even the inferiority you feel is actually a quality of a conqueror. You may grumble a lot, but you know how small you are. And yet you still struggle to reach heights greater than you can imagine. Glory lies beyond the horizon. Challenge it because it is unreachable. Speak of conquest and demonstrate it. I shall grieve, and I shall weep. But I shall never regret.

Rider - Living is more important than having a Legacy
I suppose having your name recorded in the history books is a form of immortality. But if that just means your name gets passed down for two thousand years and nothing else, I'd have preferred to have even a hundredth of that added to my actual life.

Kiritsugu Emiya - "Noble" War is Still War
Knights cannot save the world. They call certain methods of fighting good and others evil, acting as if there were some nobility to the battlefield. Such illusions, perpetrated by heroes throughout history, have led countless young men to their bloody deaths, all for the sake of this valor and glory.

Deborah Grayson - Invincible (tv show)
Look at Mark. You and I, we made him. He's ours. When he feels joy, we feel joy. See that look on his face? How can you see that and not feel the same way? As we get older, it's harder to feel that. The weight of the world, it bogs us down. But our children remind us of the joys in life. It brings us back, shows us what life is all about. This is humanity.