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Gian the Ghost
That's good sentence to practice

That's very cute and mindful of you! Thanks for the lack of colon as well.

There is no space between the dot and the capital S. "[...] política.Si el orden ...

Wait... it's not?

ya ya, by distance it's true, but time its false! first normal speed: 1km @ ...



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[Pendiente] Anonymous - Type this fast enough and you turn into a 160 WPM god
If it is to be then so be it. If you type that fast enough, your words per minute will skyrocket. Thank me later, random typer. Try it again. If it is to be then so be it.

[Pendiente] Lagwagon - May 16
No more waiting on them, as you rise inside new rooms. It's official, you've gone, you can live for no one else. Man, the guilt must be huge! There's no pain in failure, you succeed at being mine, yeah, old friend, see you there. I will be proud from afar. I can't paint a picture in a moment of memories, and there are many left. I am extradited, uninvited. It's just another Saturday.

[Pendiente] Rise Against - Disparity By Design
All the way at the bottom of the barrels we cry out; so ashamed of our tears that we blame only ourselves. That's when they win. They keep us convinced to lift up our chins, these playing fields are level. We all have a chance, with that they dismiss. The fast lanes they rode, on which access depends on who you know, or where you came from. Whose daughter are you? Whose fortunate son?

[Pendiente] Edward Bloom - Big Fish - Death
I was thinkin' about death and all. And about seeing how you're gonna die. I mean, on one hand, if dying was all you thought about, it could kinda screw you up. But it could kinda help you, couldn't it? Because you'd you know that everything else you can survive.

[Pendiente] Erwin Smith - Attack on Titan - Sasageyo!
The courageous fallen! The anguished fallen! Their lives have meaning because we the living refuse to forget them! And as we ride to certain death, we trust our successors to do the same for us! Because my soldiers do not buckle or yield when faced with the cruelty of this world! My soldiers push forward! My soldiers scream out! My soldiers RAGE!

[Pendiente] 4612 - First Contact
The light in her eyes suddenly went out, and her blue irises dimmed and turned lifeless. Her form began to contort and blacken. Horrified, I tried to get away from her, but my efforts were fruitless; her mutating arms were latching onto me like steel cables, and as I watched her body distorted into something even more horrifying. In front of me now was a writhing shapeless black mass of slimy flesh and muscle.

[Pendiente] Matthew Mendoza - Passionate Agony
I will hold a rose and grip it tight for you, even if it pains me to. I will light my way to the love I am so addicted to, even if it burns me. Before I saw the galaxy beneath your eyes, I lived with nothing but a scratch. Regardless of the agony I will endure, I hope it is enough to see that smile of yours.

[Pendiente] Being As An Ocean - The hardest part is forgetting those you swore you would never forget
You see, love's a funny thing - the way it lingers in the mind. No matter what you do, or the passing of time, that ember stills glows for those lovers behind. No matter if it's well remembered, that light still shines. Good times take precedence over every incidence no matter how poorly spent. So we put on these ridiculous fronts like we were just fooling around. Our love was only childish fun. Yet we know different; that it meant something to us.

[Pendiente] unknown - recall policy
Service Campaign Management Software - Product recalls impacting your company's reputation and bottom line. Recalls are growing amid increased regulatory requirements and rising customer expectations about product quality and safety. Recalls may have different names, such as Product Improvement Programs, Bulletins. Service Campaigns. Filed Actions, or Retrofits. Still, they represent a huge unexpected cost and potential damage to your brand reputation.

[Pendiente] ​​​​​​
Some of us do our best learning in school. Others do their best learning while procrastinating. I am learning to touch type, learning Spanish, learning to read sheet music, and learning about random other topics on Wikipedia. I have procrastination to thank for all of it.

Paul Hawken - Movements
Movements change how we think and how we see the world, creating more evolved social norms. What was once accepted and thought to be normal becomes unthinkable. What was marginalized or derided becomes honored and respected.

[Pendiente] All Might - My Hero Academia - Plus Ultra!
If you feel yourself hitting up against your limit, remember for what cause you clench your fists! Remember why you started down this path, and let that memory carry you beyond your limit.

[Pendiente] Anonymous - Wake Up From Reality
What is reality? Reality isn't something you can define, it isn't words... Reality is... how you choose to define it, but not you, your brain. Your brain just defines it based on observations, "things" it sees, it then converts all of these observations into what we call reality, if we take away a brain, our eyes, our senses, is there a reality in the first place? Or was it all just an illusion, an everlasting illusion that we can never wake up from?

[Pendiente] Elizabeth Bishop
Cold dark deep and absolutely clear, the clear gray icy water... Back, behind us, the dignified tall firs begin. Bluish, associating with their shadows, a million Christmas trees stand waiting for Christmas.

[Pendiente] dishwasher36 - The Beauty of Typing
You realise that you have reached another level in the realm of typing when you get to the point that you cannot think as fast as you can type. At this stage you have become death, destroyer of worlds.

[Pendiente] Celestia Ludenburg - Yashiro
I'm rather proud of my ability to tell lies. I can trick not only others, but even my own heart. No matter who the enemy may be, those who can't adapt will be the first to die. It is not the strong or the smart that survive, but the ones who can bring about change.

[Pendiente] Gundham Tanaka - It is the arrogance of humanity
If killing for the sake of living is evil then what would you call giving up on life itself? If a world would consider that justice, then I will fight that world with every last fiber of my being! Giving up on life and choosing death is nothing but a blasphemy toward life, It is a violation of the natural order! It is the arrogance of humanity!

[Pendiente] Near - What is right from wrong?
What is right from wrong? What is good from evil? Nobody can truly distinguish between them. Even if there was a god. Now supposing a god and his world existed, even then I'd stop and think for myself. I'd decide for myself whether his teachings are right or wrong. After all, I am just the same as you. I put my faith in my own convictions as to what I believe is right, and consider them to be righteous.

[Pendiente] Tristan Hess - Depression & Anxinty
People make depression seem like it was just another word for "very sad" or "having a really bad day" but it's more than that; imagine having to fight with your own mind, it says something and you say something back, like it's an argument over fact vs. myth. It's like arguing with a stupid person; You become tired of fighting with it and just let it say what it wants, thinking that what it says means nothing. But slowly wears yous down in reality and start to wish it would shut it's mouth.

[Pendiente] Jake Brynham
I know this is considered an indelicate matter, but you and I both know that I did not take this interview because I have a deeply rooted passion for pushing paper. Like most applicants, I am actually seeking to financially support myself. Therefore, I must ask: how much does this position pay?