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Shackled. That's what humanity is. Shackled and confined to the Earth. Beyond our atmosphere lies an uncountable number of worlds, and as such, just as many opportunities. By now, humanity should have colonized this entire galaxy! But no. Now, all humanity does is wonder about the infinite possibilities, the endless opportunities, and most of all, the future it could achieve if it went out there into the universe. The same future humanity may never even glimpse.

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typingapprentice2090 7 años, 5 meses atrás
Just imagine! If it takes such a large amount of time to build a space craft to send only several men, how long would it take for an exodus of humankind?
typingapprentice2090 7 años, 5 meses atrás
50 years would be enough, but only if more focus and attention was given to that particular topic. With the way things are now, I expect more time will be needed, especially if it takes so long to simply send one man for several footsteps on the moon. If only we could find a way to focus more on this topic and build our spacecrafts so that have more propulsion (less time to reach celestial bodies), we may be able to do it.
typingapprentice2090 7 años, 5 meses atrás
Thanks for your reply dvorkdan! You are correct in saying that I do not offer any evidence. This was simply a quote to represent a vision that I have about humanity's future. I haven't seen any progress toward actually making colonization viable on other celestial bodies. So far, I would categorize humanity's current pace as "wondering" because there hasn't been any sort of progress towards colonization. Scientists still haven't even decided where they want to settle yet. Two possibilities are Europa, a water-rich moon of Jupiter which may hold life, or Mars, the closest option. In response to your question about man on the moon, yes I do believe that we were still behind. We haven't even found a way to keep humans there for an extended period of time. And in response to your sustainable atmospheres question, I do expect 50 years to be enough time to build sustainable atmospheres.
dvorakdan 7 años, 5 meses atrás
This is very well written, and a very strong opinion, but it gives absolutely no supporting evidence to the claim "By now, humanity should have colonized this entire galaxy!" That is your premise, that we are failing, falling behind, but you don't seem to offer any argument to that point. Are people just wondering, or are many working on the very things needed to make colonization viable? (Random thought, when we put a man on the moon were we on pace then, or already-somehow-way behind in your opinion? Do you expect 50 years is enough to go from one short trip to building sustainable atmospheres?) D for an essay, but A for typing practice words and punctuation.
typingapprentice2090 7 años, 5 meses atrás
Thank you all for trying out my quote! Do your best to aim for the top in this quote!

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