The "Spider Dungeon" 1 - Vinesauce Vinny

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There are people who want to know what the spider dungeon is. Let me tell you, my children, gather 'round the vine fire and let me explain you a thing. I've told you before, I am a basement-dweller, by choice, because when Hurricane Irene came around, many places throughout New York City got messed up, and my basement flooded. My basement gets completely redone and it is now the best, coziest, most cool part of the house, and it's got all my stuff down here, I really like it down here.

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haarp_wi2xfx 10 meses atrás
Vinny's basement will forever be threatened with black widows
slowtyper237 10 meses atrás
And then on a dark and stormy night, the spiders attacked...
jacobc 1 año, 1 mes atrás
Good luck when a flood comes again

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