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I think that flowers are beautiful things! And there are so many different kinds of them! I don't know what my personal favorite kind of flower is but I really like the rose!

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user263163 2 años, 11 meses atrás
I like this one it is nice
faithvictoria 2 años, 11 meses atrás
I trained on this quote! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
hopenotrouble 3 años atrás
I trained on this quote! :)
hopenotrouble 3 años atrás
b1inhim2day 3 años atrás
Does any body know how many "smiley faces" There has to be for a quot to be excepted? Because I think that this one has 24 ratings!
qqqqq 3 años atrás

characters23 3 años atrás
Its fine.
popkorn 3 años atrás
hope that this quote gets to be in key hero
unsername 3 años atrás
I REALLY hope this quote gets to be a quote that I get to type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
characters 3 años atrás
dogey 3 años atrás
I think that flowers are beautiful things to!
performances 3 años atrás
oliveolive 3 años atrás
Ok this is an awesome quot! great job
linlinlin 3 años atrás
Awesome job!
ibac 3 años atrás
I trained on this quote! Nice!
orneil 3 años atrás
I ♥ flowers.
kaited 3 años atrás
That is great!

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