A Wax Test - Jay Harper

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We extracted wax as a test. We created the test that was greatest. We were stressed; we crafted wax as we rested at the terrace. Wax waste cascaded fast.

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kloudygirl 2 semanas, 3 días atrás
this feels wrong, it makes my right hand sad lol
zhang 2 semanas, 5 días atrás
i fucking hate this
venerated 2 meses atrás
i fucking love this
zalyx 2 meses, 3 semanas atrás
the first sentence went fine, once I realized it was basically all on the left hand it was all over for me not sure why
moatasem 4 meses, 3 semanas atrás
People loathe the fact that you did this, but I actually love this, pure creativity!
icedtea2k 6 meses, 1 semana atrás
Why....? Are you left-handed or something?
user693431 8 meses, 2 semanas atrás
this hurt my hand
aunk05 8 meses, 3 semanas atrás
Left handed sociopath.

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