35 WPM (11/11/21) - Z. F.

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I feel like I am not improving my typing speed. I try my best to place my fingers on the correct keys but it is hard not to look at the keyboard. Every time I type the wrong key I want to smash the keyboard. But I will not give up; I will practice until I reach 100 words per minute. Wish me luck.

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percea 2 meses atrás
In this thing you will feel that a lot of times. But don't give up. Everytime you need to practice different ways to improve your typing. At the beginning you improve watching only the screen, when you have 50 WPM you feel like you aren't progressing, and now when I was 70 WPM I slow down my WPS to only 60WPM, but that's normal, it depends not only of your skill but also of your feelings. If you are stress, you can slow down your typing. I never gonna give you up.
kyle_w 3 meses atrás
I sure hope you've hit 100 wpm!
timbosupreme 1 año, 2 meses atrás
Best of luck to you!!
jjp 1 año, 3 meses atrás
Good luck!
kumagai 1 año, 6 meses atrás
You are definitely improving. But for some reason our brains seem to improve by going through long periods where it feels like our efforts are coming to nothing, often we even get worse. But if you keep going anyway, one day you realize you have improved greatly and you didn't even notice it happening. Keep at it you got this.

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