The Fat Horse - Oliver Black

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Before a horse can learn to obey it must go through a process called getting "broken in." If it is broken in, it becomes something so much better. Maybe a race horse or a trail horse. If it is not broken in, it becomes fat. It sits around, eats grain, and chases the butterflies. Keep note; the horse is very happy. The horse is doing everything it wants to do. That does not mean the horse is good.

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018246 1 año, 9 meses atrás
Leaving this here as the third (maybe fourth) time I have come across my own quote.
lenorite 1 año, 10 meses atrás
Can confirm, very funny :)
localbisexual 2 años, 2 meses atrás
love seeing my name on the leaderboard TWICE *U*
it's gonna be funny when someone else comes and beats my measly 109 and 106 and this comment no longer applies
018246 2 años, 3 meses atrás
Leaving this here as the second time I have come across my own quote on Keyhero :D

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