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The penalty system on this site is ridiculous. If I type one character wrong and don't realize it for a word or two, then the penalty will get added. Fair enough. What doesn't make sense is that one character will set me back ten to twenty words per minute. Last time it happened I was above ninety words per minute and got penalized down to seventy.

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sirstinkysocks 1 año atrás
They do that because high accuracy results in much better typing speed. They penalise you harshly when you don't correct in an attempt to force you to start better typing habits.
mgreen22097 1 año, 8 meses atrás
@catrice, or they could just make the penalty correspond to the number of words you messed up. If I get one character wrong and keep going without error, why not penalize me 2 words instead of 15? :)))) Sometimes by the time I realize I made a mistake I'm already 2 words ahead and the penalty hit
catrice 1 año, 8 meses atrás
Fix the mistake and you won't get penalized for it in the WPM count.

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