Elevated Right Hand - Colin Castle

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Does anyone else type with one hand elevated off of their desk or is it just me? My left hand stay planted firmly but my right hand just naturally wants to be in the air for some reason. I don't know why I felt like sharing this but I thought it was sort of interesting.

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user102120 2 meses, 3 semanas atrás
My speed is pretty good and Normal
potcreme 2 meses, 3 semanas atrás
Sometimes even my two hands seem to want to elevate and dance out of the keyboard....i suppose that's bad for the speed (well my speed is beginner's anyway...) Thanks for sharing !
illustrative789 2 meses, 3 semanas atrás
I think about this soo much, can't believe i actually found a quote about it
user102120 3 meses, 1 semana atrás
I never had that happen; knowing how to type without looking at the keyboard is pretty good training. I have been practicing since 5th grade, and I think I can definitely do it. I just typed out this whole message without even looking.
poosay 3 meses, 3 semanas atrás
Thanks to this quote, I just noticed my own right hand doing that as well.

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