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Perhaps time is the most delusional concept we take for granted. It is nothing but a brain experience that we have due to the change in state of things around us. Imagine that "time" stops; well, you will simply imagine motionless surrounding! Which means that motion (change of state) is responsible for having us experience what we call time. So, the "time" is rather a subjective reality only.

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throwawei 5 años, 3 meses atrás
The way this was written makes me think the author walks around contradicting people by pushing up his glasses and starting conversations with "akshually..."
dvorakdan 8 años atrás
Submitted by the author, not a surprise. Yes, you're a genius, except for the part about time "stopping" which it never does, and if it did, how long would it stop for? I mean, there's motionlessness at my house when I am not home, but time is still passing, things are slowly, if not visibly, decomposing. I guess if change of state could somehow stop, then you might have something, but that isn't possible either. Time is about as objective as it gets and it waits for no man.

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