Conseil de dactylographie, comment faire moins d'erreur

1) Précision

J'avais essayé d'améliorer ma vitesse pendant des mois et je n'ai pas vu beaucoup d'amélioration. Une fois, j'ai ralenti et j'ai commencé à être plus précis au lieu d'essayer de taper plus vite j'ai commencé à voir une augmentation de ma vitesse de frappe. Je me sens plus en contrôle. J'ai encore du chemin à parcourir pour mon but, mais je suis heureux.
Apprendre à être précis en premier, puis augmenter la vitesse ensuite.Chaque fois que vous faites backspace, ça prend plus de temps que si vous ralentissez un peu mais avec une meilleur précision. J'ai toujours fait beaucoup de fautes, mais je me rends compte quand je ralentis pour être précis, j'ai effectivement tendance à taper un peu plus vite.

2) Rythme

Ce qui est important est l'élaboration d'un rythme, de ne pas se presser. Etre précis est la première priorité. La vitesse vient naturellement avec la pratique et le temps. En conclusion, on doit apprendre à ne saisir que ce que l'on voit/lit!

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conseils dactylographie

Quelques pistes

* Mettez les index sur les touches qui ont un relief (petit point ou barre)
* A chaque touche il y a un doigt assigné. Une touche doit toujours être tapée par le même doigt.
* Ne regardez pas le clavier, les yeux doivent toujours être sur l'écran
* Entrainez-vous !

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Astuces des utilisateurs

venerated 4 mois, 2 semaines avant
not sure if it'd be better to reply to you on your profile or here, but I hope you end up seeing this message.

in my journey through typing I got over my bottlenecks by doing the following two things:

1: sacrificing everything for speed:
this website doesn't really allow it because it forces you to stop when you make a mistake, but you can get the same stimulus by making a custom typing test on Monkeytype such so that it has harder words in it. I recommend grinding the top 25K corpus

2: try to consciously push yourself as much as possible in every practice session:
this is mainly done through psychological self-conditioning, and the mark of it is dreading your next session, because it goes from mind-numbing repetition to active practice that is decently challenging

that's all. gl

userjeff 4 mois, 4 semaines avant
My typing speed still isn't great but alot better than it was. Maybe equally important is I now enjoy typing because I forced myself to learn the correct technique. Ive improved by visiting this site once a week and trying to type five passages in a row, meeting at least 95% accuracy on each one.

user99773 4 mois, 4 semaines avant
What really helped me improve my typing speed is this amazing website and having the courage to push myself to practice every day even if it's for a few minutes.

user99773 5 mois avant
When my fingers hurt after too much time on the keyboard, I try to put them in the water for some time and I simulate typing in the air and all the pain goes away and I feel ready to another round with keyhero.

geeman_henry 5 mois, 1 semaine avant
What really helped me improve my typing speed is... practicing with the programming typing practice. Everything else comes together.

wrench1 5 mois, 1 semaine avant
When my fingers hurt after too much time on the keyboard, I keep on going and smash my keyboard when -surprise surprise- I can't type accurately.

kheng 5 mois, 1 semaine avant
@cordae_g yo, what's up?

@harshashettigar that's superb if you can do it, it took me 7 years to do (slowly), but take your time, type slow for accuracy first!

harshashettigar 5 mois, 2 semaines avant
@Kheng I have been trying to increase my typing speed for the past 1 year. Actually, I started touch typing from past one year. I feel there is improvement in my typing speed but I am unable to reach the 60 WPM consistently.

supernova1750 5 mois, 3 semaines avant
What really helped me improve my typing speed is selling my soul to the immortal deity of my dreams. Self acceptance is also helping me. It helped me get a vision for my life, being able to actually see myself dying happy at the end of my natural life!

davokc14 6 mois, 1 semaine avant
What really helped me improve my typing speed is... Accuracy. Learning to slow down and make sure it's right. It's Quality over Quantity. And eventually, the high quality will maximize the quantity.

sabinniraula553 6 mois, 2 semaines avant
What really helped me improve my typing speed is...mostly practise
not that much practise just daily of 20 minutes or 10 minutes that's enough for me

ilyas_mohdd 6 mois, 2 semaines avant
When my fingers hurt after too much time on the keyboard, I do nothing, I will simply take some rest or go outside because we should not do continuous work because we will be stressed, so I will take some time to allow rest to my fingers

jogri 7 mois, 2 semaines avant
2023-07-14_ Still looking a little sloppy after some irregular practice. Though I am still proud of my development in typing after all this time, if this is to be my new standard. A sustainable 20WPM increase over where I started, and much better typing fundamentals too.

Recent speed = 82.05
Recent accuracy = 95.52%

overequaldesign 7 mois, 3 semaines avant
My tip to improve your typing speed is to...FOCUS. Accuracy is only the tangible form of focus. Expediting the chain from the screen to the mind, then the mind to the fingers requires the purest conduit. Focus is the clear conduit. Here the workings of the mind go beyond the threshold of language and we must rely on ambition and religious discipline. At the crux of growth is the return of faith in blind trial and error.

mast3rs 8 mois avant
My tip to improve your typing speed is to keep typing. I know your hands might get tired but take a break and get right back to it! I have been doing hundreds for a few days not and have improved massive amounts. Trust me, it's worth it.

mast3rs 8 mois avant
When my fingers hurt after too much time on the keyboard, I take a break and watch some videos then get right back on and keep tying!