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fiddledy_rick 6 mois avant
Also in terms of keyboard, I'd say the only thing that matters is that you're comfortable with it. I've been typing on a surface pro keyboard for about 4 years and I've found it quite comfortable. I've tried mechanical keyboards and other keyboards but I'd still rather type on the surface keyboard and my speed has slowly improved.

sorry if I wrote a little much but I hope it would be of help. Good luck :)
fiddledy_rick 6 mois avant
I can see that you've been practicing consistently and I have to say the progress is very impressive!
I just stumbled upon your quote and it's amazing how you've tripled your speed in such a short time.
From experience, I'd say that the most effective improvement can be achieved by only 20 minutes of typing per day. I'd recommend practicing on 10fastfingers as well for around 10 minutes and then coming back to this website as it gets your fingers used to typing easy words and builds up speed.
Lastly, always go for accuracy, I bet if you check most fast people on these websites, the reason that they are fast is their accuracy, without at least 97%+ most people can't get above 140WPM. I'd say type as fast as you can where you can type with above 97% accuracy and keep that accuracy and speed will come with it.
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