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My least favorite quotes on here are the ones that go on too long and have complicated spelling. Many of them have dashes and too many commas, and all of that makes it hard to focus on the typing. So, here is my easy quote.

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aunk05 1 mois avant
Then really, why are you here? If the goal is to improve, what is the point of practicing on easy words alone? Instead you should welcome every challenge, every unfamiliar word, every obscure piece of punctuation. You can really mix it up further by training on quotes in other languages, with different keyboard layouts.

If you're not here for the challenge, then I'm not really sure why you bother coming at all.
promethes 6 mois, 2 semaines avant
git gud
divine_. 7 mois, 3 semaines avant
i agree with you in a sense. its not dashes that really bug me really its just the amount of commas and the amount of complicated words
rtudtu 2 années, 6 mois avant
Word :)

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