Setting us up for failure. - Anonymous

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I really hate quotes that tell me to stick through a quote even if it's hard, because most of the time those quotes feel like they purposely set me up for failure. They add words that you never ever see, and quotations in places that don't need them. They're just a hassle and really annoying to come across.

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weesin 1 année, 8 mois avant
Despite what you might think, people don't purposely set out to make you fail....the people on this site don't know you so we're certainly not out to get you. Rather, this is a site to improve typing skills and speeds. You will NEVER improve your skills or your speed if you shy away from the quotes that you find actuality, those are the quotes that you should type over and over again. If you try to find the easy way out, you will not improve. Stop cherry-picking the "easy" quotes.

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