The Eye of the World - Robert Jordan

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Violence harms the one who does it as much as the one who receives it. You could cut down a tree with an axe. The axe does violence to the tree, and escapes unharmed. Is that how you see it? Wood is soft compared to steel, but the sharp steel is dulled as it chops, and the sap of the tree will rust and pit it. The mighty axe does violence to the helpless tree, and is harmed by it. So it is with men, though the harm is in the spirit.

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s111 1 année, 6 mois avant
Yeeeah I think an axe dishes out orders of magnitude more damage than it receives from it. Same with people.
violence_rage_momentum 3 années avant
Pretty dumb. These snobs write s#it in the comfort and security of their towers.
Sometimes step out into the real world and out of your la la land and you'll be hit hard by reality. You won't make it to see the blades that pierce your heart rust to death.
trollhunter 4 années, 5 mois avant
What a ridiculous quote. It assumes that people who commit violence have a spirit - some do not - some are just animals with no feeling, no emotion, no humanity whatsoever

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