Dan Howell

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We all need to stand up for equality and social justice even when it doesn't apply to us. No one stood up for me when it mattered most and it almost cost me everything.

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qweerty 6 mois avant
Wow, people in the comments really don't know how to act like nice people lol, learn how to not think about yourselves and empathize with other people for a change.
zizuke 7 mois avant
Good point, just adding to it. @catrice. I'm basically posting whatever comes to mind here.
catrice 7 mois avant
Zizuke, that might go a little over the character limit.
zizuke 7 mois avant
Define social justice and equality. Tell me the nuances of each case. There's the issue. It's much more complicated than just "stand up for social justice."
leonpdq 10 mois, 1 semaine avant
Nobody is standing up for no one, grow up, welcome to the world.
kiriiya 1 année avant
What a useless quote!

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