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Every time I go to this site, I am bombarded with quotes about how I should be living my life, but that is not what I came here for. I came here to improve my typing and get great statistics on how I did. I did not come here to have an existential crisis. You came here to type, and I came here to type. Please stop writing quotes on how I should be living my life!

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user413926 1 semaine, 1 jour avant
I completely agree with stephendumeyer because I enjoy seeing other people's perspective on things. I can gain insights into other people's thoughts and minds as well as improve my typing skills. However, I do respect your opinion here and I completely understand this. I think if you only want to type then it might be better to use other typing sites.
stephendumeyer 7 mois, 4 semaines avant
I do understand the POV but I like coming to a place that's almost like meditating and thinking about life. If there's something that disturbs me, I typically just go "these are all peoples opinions anyways doesn't mean they have to be right about what they're saying"

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