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If you skip a quote and go for the short ones, you will only be able to type short amount of sentences a day! Imagine, you are writing an essay for your teachers and then hand in a paragraph when you are supposed to hand in 4 paragraphs. "My hands were tired." You think anyone's gonna take that excuse? If you do, give up on typing. No ones gonna take that. You're not gonna have any job if you don't know how to type like a pro. So finish this quote.

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monochromeocean 3 années, 1 mois avant
I don't appreciate the negativity of the sentence "If you do, give up on typing." I don't think dissuading beginners from typing is a good thing, considering how widely used typing is. Secondly, is there any proof that this persons' initial claim is correct? I would appreciate it if anyone could provide some evidence.

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