Hidden Gem in the Gem City - Anonymous

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If you ever find yourself in the old gem of the rustbelt herself, Dayton Ohio, don't fret! You may think there's nothing to do up here but you would be wrong. Head on down to the DK Effect! Enjoy over 60 vintage arcade cabinets, 20 pinball machines, and 40 beers and cocktails. Best part is as long as you buy drinks, you play FREE. Now that's a bargain. Come on down and play a round!

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user89332 1 année, 3 mois avant
that does sound pretty fire i can't lie
smokemifugottem 3 années avant
Jk I know it's bad. I wrote this quote absolutely drunk out of my gourd! Surprised it even has 2 stars xD
smokemifugottem 3 années avant
Guess people don't like Frogger.

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