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I have come to a realisation. What is my significance? I am learning the exact same as hundreds of other students across the country. I do not get brilliant grades. What right do I have to feel special? The naivety and narcissism of my peers are infectious. It sickens me that we shall all feel so entitled to being better than others. And for what reason when we are all basically the same information sponge?

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wizrad 6 mois, 1 semaine avant
No sentence is supposed to start with the word "And." Can you see how that would be unconventional an confusing for it to be in the timed typing test? If you were unaware of this grammatical rule the other word you don't start a sentence with is "But."
018246 2 années, 3 mois avant
Okay, information sponge, what are you going to do with your information? Make the world a bit cleaner? or dry out and die?

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