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It has been believed traditionally that the only way to properly educate our children is through the standard classroom method. This includes having a teacher speak in front of a group of students, covering a wide variety of the most fundamental topics such as Math, Science, and English. It also means attending school five days a week for most of the day, similar to a full-time job, with assignments and homework to complete outside of these designated school hours as well.

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maliheim 2 semaines, 6 jours avant

Gloss, Process, Remains, Success, Campus, Semantics

There are many words that end with S that are singular.
While this topic is debated both are technically correct.
What you're quibbling about is the last word I used as an example, semantics.
chenille 1 mois avant
Mathematics is singular. There's no reason to keep the "s" when abbreviating it. It kind of defeats the purpose of abbreviation.
essdyn 1 mois avant
Math?? Last I recall it's mathematics - not mathematic

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