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As my WPM slowly gets higher, I realize that I rely more and more on muscle memory. I don't think consciously about where to put my fingers, simply press the keys when they come up. While this results largely in me constantly using the backspace button, when I try to stop and think about it, my WPM drops drastically. So, I just hope that my fingers go where they're supposed to, and in the correct order.

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localbisexual 2 semaines, 4 jours avant
follow up: it's literally perfectly clear you're just salty about it because you probably messed up there LOL
localbisexual 5 mois avant
love that the comment on my quote is someone complaining. complain then, bestie <3 i'm not here to get judged on my grammar LMAO
dvorakdan 5 mois avant
What an awful sentence beginning with, "While this results..." Totally unclear.

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