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There are only two things in this world that are loved unconditionally, children and dogs. All a dog has to do to be loved is simply exist. All a child has to do to be loved is to be themselves. Adults don't have that luxury. Adults have to earn love, no matter how little they get. Every ounce has to be fought for, and is so fleeting. Unconditional love is a treasure, one that is doomed to be lost.

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bonakluv 1 jour, 20 heures avant
I don't think that children are loved unconditionally. They are not loved for being themselves. Most parents love their kids for being what they (the parents) want their children to be. A lot of parents also think that their kids have to owe them something in return for raising them, even though taking care of their children is what they are supposed to do. At a very young age, kids learn to adapt so that their parents accept and adore them, and that's not okay. This is just my opinion.

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