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I used to chase things that I wanted. I always wanted things that I didn't have. But all I really needed was to treasure the love that was present in my life. The love that comes from God. It's shown in all the great things in my life I should be thankful for: a roof over my head, a family that cares about me, and friends who are there for me. Even lesser things such as food, water, and clothing are all evidence of this love in my life.

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piikay 2 semaines, 4 jours avant
i love writing about fictional stuff on this website <3
chenille 5 mois avant
If these things are evidence that He loves you, are they also evidence that He does not love the billions of people who do not have those things?
chieftyper 5 mois avant

amen amen amen!!

We see the Lord's love for us everyday!!

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