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I love this. I keep seeing people put in their own quotes, answering questions. Those are my favorite ones. So, what am I doing here? Well, I'm a stay-at-home mom, 33 years old. I was looking for typing jobs I could do from home to make some extra money. This site was linked in one of the top searches on Google. It's fun. Typing class was my favorite in middle school. I hope you are doing well, dear friend who is typing.

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tfgspdm 4 semaines avant
Thank you! Good luck and I hope you are doing well, too!
jessc.90 1 mois avant
This sounds just like me. Glad I'm not the only SAHM here. Typing class was my favorite class in high school. And we're the same age.
feuv 1 mois avant
Awww, I hope you're doing well too!
bee070502 2 mois, 2 semaines avant
Thanks for the positive words Friend.
user396439 2 mois, 2 semaines avant
Super cute, hope you find what you are looking for <3
memgo 5 mois, 3 semaines avant
Hope you and your kids are doing well as well!!

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