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Typing test rules

If you do NOT fix the errors, a penalty will be added to your final WPM score. To fix the errors, press the backspace key.

The timer starts when you start typing. However, if you wait more than 3 seconds, the timer starts anyway.

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Quotes with a score below 2.5 stars won't show up in the game.

Error colors

            The acceleration and deceleration lets you see where you speed up and slow down during the typing test.

Bad case is when the case is incorrect. You typed '. the' instead of '. The'.

Bad ordering is when you typed a letter too early. For example, you typed huose instead of house. The U came too early.

Doublet is when you typed a character twice. For example homee or commmunity.

Other mistakes are not categorized.

Red is if you decide to not fix a mistake. A penalty will be applied to your score.

Typing Test benefits

Typing is an important skill for anyone using a computer. The more comfortable you are typing, the more you can focus on what you are working on. Slow typing and fixing typing errors moves your attention away from what you are trying to achieve (writing an email, filling in a form, etc.). Use this advanced typing test to discover how well you type. We have test material in more than 15 languages.

Practice is key to improving your typing skills. The more you use this typing test, the faster you will type. After each test, we give you detailed feedback. It includes statistics about your speed, where you slow down, and the type of errors you make. All those details are crucial to improve your speed.

In order to keep track of your progress, you can sign up. Each typing test score will be saved and you can view charts of your progress. Registered members who have completed 3 or more typing tests are also able to post messages on our forum and ask any typing related questions.

WPM calculation

You can look at the definition of WPM. If you happen to have a penalty it means that you did not fix errors during the typing test. Not fixing the errors (when the text turns red) will lower your WPM by the amount next to the speed. The penalty is proportional to the length of the text that was not fixed.