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Drew Barrymore
That's too relatable for a typing test quote, god dammit!

Andy Andrews
my fingers: IWILLACCEPT RESP o n s i b i l... i t y FORMYPAST

Dan Howell
What a useless quote!

Kurt Vonnegut

hahaha so virtuous you are.



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[Pending] Collin Ritman- Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
People think there's one reality, but there's loads of them, all snaking off, like roots. And what we do on one path affects what happens on the other paths. Time is a construct. People think you can't go back and change things, but you can, that's what flashbacks are, they're invitations to go back and make different choices.

[Pending] given
I'm pretty sure that I'll still remember this day even ten years from now. But... I'm sure I'll start to forget, little by little. The name of the bus stop we got off at today. The color of the sweater I was wearing. The words that were popular between the two of us at the time. I'm sure I'll start forgetting those things, little by little. Apparently, that's called loneliness. One day, atop a burning, blinding stage, I'll learn that for myself.

[Pending] given
For as long as I could remember, everything happened within that little world of ours. Especially with Mafuyu and Yuki, who were latchkey kids with single moms. They were both missing something from the start. It was like they each had what the other was lacking, so Yuki needed Mafuyu, and Mafuyu needed Yuki. They just gave the impression that they were made for each other. Yuki was flashy, domineering and moody. Mafuyu was docile, introverted and quiet.

[Pending] Lem Stanislaw - The Star Diaries, The Seventh Voyage
Nonsense!" he exclaimed. "Look, I'm the Wednesday me and you're the Tuesday me, and as for the rocket, well, my guess is that its existence is patched, which means that in places it's Tuesday, in places Wednesday, and here and there perhaps there's even a bit of Thursday.

[Pending] Lem Stanislaw
Today we have among us, here in this venerable hall, within these lofty walls, a representative of the corpse-eaters, one who is resourceful in the pursuit of lethal pleasures, a cunning architect of wholesale slaughter, and whose physical appearance inspires in us both ridicule and horror, a horror we are scarcely able to overcome.

[Pending] irrelevant - uhhhhhh
There comes a time and point in your life when, despite all the difficulties, you have to pick yourself up and push yourself outside of your comfort zone as there is nothing more that will help you achieve your best. Good luck and God bless.

[Pending] Kaori Miyazono - Kaori's Letter
You were just here, and now I'm writing you a letter, kinda weird, right? You're a mess, you know that? You're meek, and a quitter, and neurotic. The first time I ever saw you, I was five years old. It was at a recital for the piano school I went to back then. You marched out onto that stage, and then made us all laugh by knocking over the bench. You sat on that giant piano, and with the first note you played, the world became more colorful.

[Pending] The Haven Community - My Friend Is The Silence
I learned to put my phone down in times when I didn't need it and learned to look around me to find a chance for meaningful conversations. And above all, I learned that silence can sometimes be my closest friend.

[Pending] The Haven Community - Memories of Euphoria
But when it's all over and the blinding sun rises, there comes the sad epiphany that times like these will only come about in another year... and another and another. And so, the cycle will continue until, ultimately, our young hearts catch up with our oldened minds. Until our rusty chains become severed and the assumed-evanescent cycle becomes a straight line, never to return to its youthful beginnings.

[Pending] Sam Hyde
The university intellectuals also play an important role in carrying out the System's trick. Though they like to fancy themselves independent thinkers, the intellectuals are (allowing for individual exceptions) the most oversocialized, the most conformist, the tamest and most domesticated, the most pampered, dependent, and spineless group today. As a result, their impulse to rebel is particularly strong. But, because they are incapable of independent thought, real rebellion is impossible.

[Pending] The Young Veins - Dangerous Blues
All I do is lie by the oceanside. Why do the clouds all turn grey just for you? I've never been such a beautiful blues... Step outside your door, and go down to the shore. Why do your eyes feel like shells in a dune? What makes a crowd turn away from a tune? I've never been such a beautiful blues... Even the tide gets high at night. Even the truth is wrong sometimes.

[Pending] chigga - Coronavirus
For those of you typing this quote in the future, I want to let you know that I am writing this during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. I hope everyone in the future have better policies to stop another pandemic from happening.

[Pending] Mihai Eminescu - Evening Star
Evening Star There was, as in the fairy tales, As ne'er in the time's raid, There was, of famous royal blood A most beautiful maid. She was her parents' only child, Bright like the sun at noon, Like the Virgin midst the saints And among stars the moon.

[Pending] Unknown - Stand Together
I saw a new world recently which was a whole lot united and people forgot about their petty problems and were standing together to fight a problem which was way bigger and mattered a lot for the generations to come.

[Pending] Once told - Somebody
me the world is gonna roll me. I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. She was looking kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb and the shape of an L on her forehead.

[Pending] Smoke Pope - DON'T STOP THE GRIND.
Yo. Don't stop the grind yo. SERIOUSLY. Don't stop grindin'. HEY! Are you grinding? Because if you aren't grinding, then what are you doing?! You gotta grind to survive ya'll, and the man who ain't grindin' ain't shinin' and that is for SURE. So let me ask you again... Are you grinding? Only your heart knows the true answer to that question.

[Pending] Ghosbusters (1984) - Ghostbusters Commercial
Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or your family ever seen a spook, spectre, or ghost? If the answer is "yes," then don't wait another minute. Pick up the phone and call the professionals... Ghostbusters. Our courteous and efficient staff is on call 24 hours a day to serve all your supernatural elimination needs. We're ready to believe you.

[Pending] Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors - Somewhere That's Green
It's just a daydream of mine. A little development I dream of, just off the interstate. Not fancy like Levittown - just a little street, in a little suburb far, far from urban Skid Row. The sweetest, greenest place where everybody has the same little lawn out front and the same little flagstone patio out back. And all the houses are so neat and pretty, 'cause they all look just alike. I dream about it all the time: just me, and the toaster, and a sweet little guy - like Seymour.

[Pending] Huey Lewis and the News - Heart and Soul
Two o'clock this morning: If she should come a'calling, I wouldn't dream of turning her away. And if it got hot and hectic, I know she'd be electric. I'd let her take her chances with me. You see, she gets what she wants. 'Cause she's heart and soul. She's hot and cold. She's got it all!

[Pending] Doggo
I like doggos and doggos like u and also there's a matter of a thing that I must discuss. there's also the fact that I must tell u that I am in grave danger, and that ur the on- oh no.