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I hate these kinds of text. For some reason, when text talks to me in ...

If the quote appears to be missing a "no", I've already sent a request to ...

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Sure, that is just good writing. But why "make a quote" in the first place?

Stay golden, Ponyboy.

It's pretty refreshing to have a Noragami quote - loved the show, although I will ...



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[Pending] Elena Siegman - Pareidolia
I might try to find my light tonight, Hide my sight from eyes I try to fight, My nine eyes of light die by the blight, Ride Wight knight unite my plight tonight.

[Pending] Geoff Johns - Batman - Infinite Crisis
After all these years you know it's not about control. It's about trying to do everything I can. And for you, it's about setting an example. Everyone looks up to you. They listen to you. If you tell them to fight, they'll fight. But they need to be inspired. And let's face it "Superman," the last time you really inspired anyone was when you were dead.

[Pending] Tablo
I've somehow realised that it's the people whom I appreciate the most in life that give me the greatest pain. But I wonder if it's because they really do give me the greatest pain or is it due to my groundless assumption that they will never hurt me.

[Pending] Tablo
I'm afraid I'll be a book that no one reads. Music that no one listens to anymore. I'm afraid I'll be abandoned like a movie playing in an empty theatre.

[Pending] Lemony Snicket
The way sadness works is one of the strange riddles of the world. If you are stricken with a great sadness, you may feel as if you have been set aflame, not only because of the enormous pain but also because your sadness may spread over your life, like smoke from an enormous fire.

[Pending] Ommanyte - How Dull
How dull for you to live your life without any hills to die on, you, on your vast flat barren plains of compromise, acceptance, and accommodation, while I reign supreme over the lush, rolling highlands of stupid shit I have irrationally chosen to stake my entire identity on.

[Pending] Bill Bailey - The buffet car was on fire
The reason we'd stopped was that the buffet car was on fire, that was the reason we stopped. One of the giant biscuits spontaneously combusted out of boredom. Whoever was charged with making the announcement momentarily lost all sense of procedure and we got this tantalizing glimpse into the chaos on the trains. All we could hear was (bangs on microphone) "Gary, it's burning, what we gonna do?!" And everyone on the carriage just cheered, "Hooray! We're rubbish!"

[Pending] Bill Bailey - Why do people want to swim with dolphins?
Why do people want to swim with dolphins? The equivalent would be an Indonesian fellow coming over here, going up to a farmer and saying 'Can I get in with the cows? I just fancy scuffling about with them'.

[Pending] Bill Bailey - Not so great in England at the moment
Not so great in England at the moment. In an online poll we came last, we actually came bottom of European countries for quality of life, because of things like the weather, obviously, late retirement, poor holiday, poor public services, poor health service. It's basically just a kind of grey, godless wilderness, full of cold pies and broken dreams.

[Pending] An Evil Maniac. - The Supposed Most Difficult Words.
The pizazz of a flamboyant, suburban home. Pizzas, piazzas, foramens, obstinance; Martin Kryzwinski claims these are some of the most difficult words to type on a classical QWERTY keyboard. How was it for you? Easy? Zaquazip, azazel, pappox, ezzard, gozzan, zaqqum - these might not even be real words, but they're supposedly hard to type. Now these are just hard to spell, so keep your eyes on the screen. Dilate, indict, sacrilegious, lieutenant, onomatopoeia, conscientious.

Becca Green - The Darkness
Sadness is scary - petrifying to those of us who know it well. Bringing clouds of depression, which for some never pass, it is all the homo sapiens must fear. Predators? Avoidable. Sadness? Inevitable. The one unstoppable force that can end us all. If we want to fear anything, it should be tears; we can never protect ourselves wholly from emotion, and this one holds us in its palm.

Cowboy Bebop - Faye Valentine
Today, you are who you are today, see? You're still me, but you're a newer version. Myself ten years from now; that's so far away, it's almost impossible to imagine. Am I alone - or is there a wonderful person next to me? Knowing me, I'm sure you're causing all kinds of trouble for lots of different people. Sorry, I don't mean to. But it's alright, that's part of life too, isn't it? You're not perfect, but you've got a lot to give. So remember, I'll always be cheering you on.

Becky Gray - The Forest
Glowing green in the moonlight, the pine needles stood out, stark, against the snow. I could smell them where I stood, Christmas in a scent. Quietly, I continued in to the fabled wood; the place you hear stories of as a child. Squeaking above me, bats flew from tree to tree - darting back and forth like a dog playing fetch. Perfectly spherical, cold and emotionless, the moon cried out above - for help, or maybe just attention.

Elephant in the Backyard - The World is Limited
There was this one animal that always seems to be happy. His name was Walter, and he was the best thing that even happened to its owner. One day he was let out free and never came back until he saw bacon from the owner.

random thoughts - quotes
If you're trying to make a quote that someone will want to hold on to forever, don't strive to use big, fancy words. That's just annoying. Sometimes it's the simpler words that count the most. Remember this.

Unknown - James and John
The English language is a funny thing. Often it can be make to create sentences that sound nonsensical, but are actually entirely correct. One of these sentences is this: "James, while John had 'had' had had 'had had'. 'Had had' had had a much better effect on the teacher."

To be strong is to understand weakness. To be weak is to have fears. To have fears is to have something precious to you. To have something precious to you is to be strong.

Guy de Maupassant
Solitude is indeed dangerous for a working intelligence. We need to have around us people who think and speak. When we are alone for a long time we people the void with phantoms.

Matt Parker
Never forget you are the successful product of a harsh universe; the simple fact that you exist, whence trillions of other organisms do not, is a mathematical miracle.

Hajime Isayama - Attack on Titan
I don't want to die and I wanted power. But, I think I understand why he did it, after all this time... everybody i have met .. was all the same. drinking, women, worshiping god, even the king ... dreams .. children .. power. Everyone had to be drunk on something to keep pushing on ... Everyone was a slave to something. Even him ...