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Virginia Woolf

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"What's your favorite movie?" "Well, movies are a medium conveying a story. So maybe my ...

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Tony Stark
What could this text possibly mean?

Tulip O'Hare - Preacher
I like the quote its not a bad one i kinda got confused at the ...



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[Pending] Brett Kavanaugh
My friends and I sometimes got together and had parties on weekends; the drinking age was 18 in Maryland for most of my time in high school and was for all of my time in high school. I drank beer with my friends. Almost everyone did. Sometimes I had too many beers. Sometimes others did. I liked beer. I still like beer, but I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out and I never sexually assaulted anyone.

[Pending] Timothy Ferris - The 4-hour Workweek
Lifestyle Design is thus not interested in creating an excess of idle time, which is poisonous, but the positive use of free time, defined simply as doing what you feel obligated to do.

[Pending] Ariana - Hold Her
I looked back at her. She seemed small, like a little girl. Her shoulders dropped, her hands on her lap, folded like two white petals. Her eyes were big, she was quiet, looking at her hands with those big, tear-filled eyes. I felt I could see the sadness coming up from the quiver of her mouth and all I could do was hold her tight and be quiet together.

[Pending] John Mark Green - Star's Light
I think it's beautiful how a star's light travels the universe, long after it dies. That's what I want to be in this world - Someone whose light lingers on after I'm gone.

[Pending] E.B. White - Charlotte's Web
Why did you do all this for me?" he asked. "I don't deserve it. I've never done anything for you." "You have been my friend," replied Charlotte. "That in itself is a tremendous thing.

[Pending] Anonymous - The thing about bipolar
Last week I planned my suicide. This week I'm so stable I don't know if it's the medicine or I'm just back on being hypomanic. This will forever be, but hopefully not, a recurring cycle.

[Pending] Donna Tartt - The Secret History
Does such a thing as 'the fatal flaw,' that showy dark crack running down the middle of a life, exist outside literature? I used to think it didn't. Now I think it does. And I think that mine is this: a morbid longing for the picturesque at all costs.

[Pending] William Saroyan - The Time Of Your Life
In the time of your life, live so that in that good time there shall be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life your life touches. Seek goodness everywhere, and when it is found, bring it out of its hiding place and let it be free and unashamed. Place in matter and in flesh the least of the values, for these are the things that hold death and must pass away. Discover in all things that which shines and is beyond corruption.

Nobody - Skip the quote
I pressed enter to start a new typing test, but something came up so I had to leave it unattended for awhile. I came back and somehow my stupid self decided to type away instead of skipping the dang quote. My average then went down to 8 points.

Major Monogram - I Give Up Evil
Doofenshmirtz claims to have given up evil. He even signed this "I Give Up Evil" affidavit to apply for work at the agency - and normally we could have rejected him because he's not an animal, but, as it turns out, he was adopted by ocelots, making him, in the eyes of the law, an ocelot.

Foucault - History of Sexuality
Confession frees, but power reduces one to silence; truth does not belong to the order of power, but shares an original affinity with freedom: traditional themes in philosophy, which a "political history of truth" would have to overturn by showing that truth is not by nature free - nor error servile - but that its production is thoroughly imbued with relations of power.

Paul the Apostle
For the wrath of God is revealed against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

Dream & PmBata - roadtrip
People change like the tides in the ocean at least I think, or am I dead wrong? Foot on the break at the light, I don't notice I sit and wait until the next song. 20 hours in an old van up the east coast, through the cold wind. Drove 20 hours by the ocean up the east coast, what a road trip. Now that interstate is paved with memories of a past life I lived when I was 18 and every winter I think back to what we used to be in that past life we lived at 18.

dreamwastaken - dream smp finale
I'm not an idiot! You think like I'm an idiot. You think I'm gonna play games with you and play a sky battle build battle or something with you and play for the discs, I'm not gonna do that. I just want to show you how powerful I am, how powerless you are. Because you just gave me the disc and it wasn't even the disc. I could just let you walk away, but no, I'm toying with you I'm playing with my food.

Frank Herbert - litany against fear
I will not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. I will face my fear. I will let it pass through me. When the fear has gone, there shall be nothing. Only I will remain.

Davian Williams - Politics
I come on here to share and explain what's going on in my life and what i feel. Usually its nothing about politics, but someone called me a racist for my political opinion. I support Trump and don't come at me for it. I support him because he's done more than most any other presidents have. He actually gave black Americans jobs, homes, and made us non dependent on other countries oil. With that came more jobs for black Americans. So thats my political beliefs don't come at me.

Davian Williams - Biggest lies
People will say they're here for you. People will explain what so different about you that made them fall for you, especially girls. They will make your mind think that they care. But in reality, once they find someone with a better personality, treats them like a dog, only looks for sex, muscular body, or in other terms F-boys. Once they find that guy she'll slowly start talking to him. Then it evolves into friends, then you getting cheated on. I've learned over the years not to fall for anyone.

MF DOOM - Beef Rapp
What up? To all rappers: shut up with your shutting up and keep a shirt on, at least a button-up. Yuck, is they rhymers or strippin' males? Out of work jerks since they shut down Chippendales.

Tommyinnit - Tommyinnit telling dream after spending a week in prison with him.
You're a liar, and really, through your Netherite armour and skin, I look at you, and you know what I see? I see a sad little man, who's insecure about the fact that this server has gotten so far ahead of him, and his only little glimpse of power in this world is gone. I see an insecure, sad little man. Alright? So fuck off.

John Kennedy Toole - A Confederacy of Dunces
Between notes, he had contemplated means of destroying Myrna Minkoff but had reached no satisfactory conclusion. His most promising scheme had involved getting a book on munitions from the library, constructing a bomb, and mailing it in plain paper to Myrna. Then he remembered that his library card had been revoked.