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[HELP] Improve typing form 60 to 100 WPM

Hello everyone, I need help from all of you. My ... By tahzeeb536 - updated: 20 hours, 40 minutes ago

Please stop with the Burn Notice quotes

I'm really tired of reading the same quotes over and ... By tyler - updated: 20 hours, 42 minutes ago

Suggestion: Backspace on error

When I make an error, the text becomes red and ... By ravista - updated: 4 days ago

Do you adjust your typing style for mechanical keyboards?

I have a mechanical keyboard with Outemu Brown switches (basically ... By jont828 - updated: 1 week ago

Mechanical Keyboards in Schools\Offices

Has anyone ever had an issue taking a mechanical keyboard ... By zachischeese - updated: 1 week ago

Instant death

Wow instant death typing is the worst, is it just ... By aprettynygirl - updated: 2 weeks, 4 days ago

New touch typer.

Hello, I've been practicing touch typing for almost a month. ... By chadi - updated: 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Typing Plateau

So I've been typing for quite some time, now. I've ... By selfimprovement - updated: 3 weeks, 1 day ago

urgent,please to type in hindi here.

i want to want in hindi language here. i change ... By user48926 - updated: 3 weeks, 1 day ago

How to not try and expect what comes next?

I don't know how to explain it, but I'm kind ... By mymar - updated: 3 weeks, 3 days ago


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tyler says
Practice a little bit each day, and you will get ...

user60291 says
@asif812 Learn touch-typing , you'll be improving to 35wpm in ...

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My typing speed is 14 WPM How to gain more ...

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Ok, so you want to improve your typing, if I ...

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another tip besides the ones you already got is to ...

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I use my ducky one tkl Cherry MX Blue, witch ...

user60291 says
Here I touch-type on average at a little over 70wpm. ...

crownkira says
It's impossible for me to even get one of them ...

awesomejack says
I have already got there.