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Where did You Plateau?

It would be interesting to know a person's finger-coordination background … By doughth - updated: 15 hours, 41 minutes ago

Since when did keyhero been flooded with ads?

keyhero Is flooded with ads. Which is annoying when typing … By pinetree6238 - updated: 20 hours, 58 minutes ago

Should I do this bug report to the developer(s)?

Following paragraph is the one I wrote in order to … By skat - updated: 21 hours, 12 minutes ago

korean typing test is not working

In [korean] language typing mode, even if the first word … By unknownbeing - updated: 1 week, 2 days ago

What's up with the ratings?

I'm new, so maybe I'm just being ignorant or something … By user722560 - updated: 1 week, 6 days ago

Test Quotes

We recently changed the algorithm used to select quotes for … By root - updated: 1 month ago

Y'all read?

Give me some book recommendations? I feel like this is … By smokemifugottem - updated: 1 month ago

how to type an existing book

Hello, I'm kind of new on that website and i … By jackl - updated: 1 month ago

This is a typing website not a life coach session

This is a typing website and not a life coach … By user871724 - updated: 1 month, 1 week ago


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doughth says
The span of your thinking of an entity to type …

doughth says
I haven’t typed on this website for a little bit …

skat says
Sir, just slap a random but cool badge right next …

hamsandwich says
I am having the same problem. Any progress on fixing …

raja801 says
I believe this is fixed now, if it still doesn't …

mubol says
Yes, I asked the same here but no answer …

mindmaster says
I'm sure there are a couple of extremely high speed …

abuhurairah says
It's rare but some people really can type in the …

psychopath says
There is something wrong with the ratings.

mindmaster says
There is definitely a limit. Realistically, on QWERTY you're going …