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If I see a quote made by a slow typer I downvote

Yeah if you have a typing speed under 100 and ... By w33sin - updated: 14 minutes ago

If your speed is under 90 WPM delete your web browser

Your typing speed should be at the very least 90+ ... By w33sin - updated: 22 minutes ago

I want to practice pinyin

Hey! I'd like to practice pinyin, but for chinese there's ... By user791406 - updated: 27 minutes ago

how do i do the typing like honestly how do i type please help i can't type i am very slow at typing

i am very slow at typing ;( pleas does somebody ... By w33sin - updated: 30 minutes ago

writing one

The reading and the lecture are both about The author ... By balsam - updated: 1 day ago


By _noob - updated: 1 day ago

Typing Tests

I just entered this website and did a test. Can ... By user593201 - updated: 1 day ago

Numeric keypad

Any exercises for the numeric keypad? My speed drops from ... By cheriejp - updated: 1 day ago

Leader board is full of bots

Has anyone else noticed that the top roughly 600 people ... By infestedgeek - updated: 1 day ago

What is/are your preferred mechanical keyboard switch/es?

Greetings. I just wanted to know everyone's preference in mechanical ... By mxyzptlk - updated: 1 day ago


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w33sin says
No. best, w33sin

translucent says
why like do like you like have like to like ...

xx4931xx says
Thanks for the info and the suggestion lol

user706790 says
Yeah i typed on dvorak for 3 years and switched ...

user706790 says
Stick with home row for now. Optimizing in one regard ...

lasjflkasjdf900 says
While I've seen people be successful with non-standard typing methods, ...

xx4931xx says
Why not? It sounds like a reasonable way to do ...

xx4931xx says
I started typing about 3 years ago, and I don't ...

user37933 says
I learnt to type the standard way. As I have ...

w33sin says
bro what do you mean... I literally don't know how ...