Clinical Therapy - Jordan Peterson

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One of the things that you do as a clinician is find out what people are afraid of, and what they're avoiding... and that can be in their past, or their present, or their future. And then what we do as clinicians is break it down into smaller pieces and help them devise strategies of approach and mastery and that improves the quality of their personality and helps develop them into people that won't make the same mistakes over and over again.

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wesdv34 10 months, 3 weeks ago
Jordan Peterson changed my life. After I broke up with my ex-girlfriend last year, I was a mess. I drank myself half to death partying and let myself become depressed with schoolwork and college. I was in a horrible spot, unsure of where my life was headed, but most likely off the roof of the school. Then I stumbled upon one of Dr. Peterson's lectures, and as I listened to him more and read his book, I managed to switch my major, stop drinking, strengthen the relationships I had and develop a new one with another girl. Thank you, Jordan.

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