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The Dvorak keyboard layout was designed with the belief that it would significantly increase typing speeds with respect to the QWERTY layout. Dvorak believed that there were many problems with the original QWERTY keyboard pattern, and studied letter frequencies and the physiology of the hand and created a new pattern to alleviate identified problems.

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jasmine004 3 years ago
I did a little research and the Dvorak layout is proven to increase speed by 60%. For more proof, on Keyhero, if you look at the leaderboard for top high scores, the highest ones are with Dvorak.
patate42 3 years, 4 months ago
Even though speed isn't proven to be better on Dvorak over QWERTY, comfort of the hard and reduction of strain is and typing on Dvorak is a much more enjoyable experience once touch typing is developped.
zaidistyping 4 years, 6 months ago
Yea and it turns out it's all bullshit because there's been no concrete study that shows Dvorak helps at all with typing speed.

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