The tears we cry - Rinna Ogilvie

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The tears we cry each day is not just only when we are feeling hurt or angry. Sometimes, we also cry when we are happy or even emotionally in love. The reason we cry is so that we can express our emotional feelings; it can either be a good or a bad reason. Our facial expression tells our story on a whole, and that expression can either be a smile or a frown. Immediately from that moment, you know exactly how we feel.

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wolf.fortenberry 3 years ago
Wish more people understood such a simple concept as this. I cry when I am really frustrated, and most people don’t understand it. It is simply an involuntary expression of emotions.
weesin 5 years, 6 months ago
This "quote" looks like it was written by a teenage girl with a poor understanding of grammar and syntax...
weesin 5 years, 7 months ago
You know what makes me cry? "Quotes" like this that appear to be written by a child...

Not only is the topic ridiculous (seriously....we all know about emotions), but you've also made an error. The first sentence should start as follows:

"The tears we cry each day ARE not just only..."

you have instead typed...

"The tears we cry each day IS not just only..."

Seriously, if you're going to type drivel, at least make sure it is free of errors!
rinnaogilvie16 6 years ago
loving it

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