The Truth - Me, Myself and I

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Everyone are a bunch of wannabes for trying to write a quote on this site. Please don't be like Wikipedia. I need to pause sometimes due to the cringe overload. Speaking of which this quote is full of cringe, and now I sound like one of you.

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xiv_hells 10 months ago
absolutely based. lmao
weesin 2 years, 1 month ago
I AGREE! I can't stand the "quotes" that people make up and post on this site. They're so full of errors and are often nothing more than overly sentimental hogwash. The only reason I can stand the quote that you've posted here is because it's making fun of the idiots on this site

I have to pause sometimes too....but because I am disgusted by people who can't write (evidenced by their lack of spelling and grammatical skills) trying to sound intelligent or prophetic...even though nothing they have to say is any more inspring or insightful than the super cheesy word art that people hang on their walls (like "love", "family", laughter" them all I say "BARF!"

LEAVE THE QUOTES TO THE EXPERTS WHO CAN ACTUALLY WRITE FOLKS! I would much rather read what Confucius or Aristotle had to say than what some uneducated person has to say...
baoster3 2 years, 1 month ago
i mesed up....... twice

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